Cabeza Patata Studio has opened their online school, Patata School, and with it a website,

Here we had the challenge of conveying all the information about our learning platform within a consistent, easy to understand visual language that conveys our school's message and ethos.

All the design was created in-house with clear rules and guidelines to have full control over how our school is perceived and understood.
As creators our main focus was on what we're making, not just the website. We fill the website with our images and inspirational examples of what our audience could create when they join Patata School. 

Primarily the school's website should explain our proposal and show ease of use. We focus a lot on the user's experience and creating a pleasing, uniform design that invites them to learn more.
To complement our new school we also created a free toolkit to invite people to subscribe to our mailing list and be part of our plans to share information and resources with our audience to help improve working conditions and understanding of the commercial creative industry.
This includes an eBook, 101 Tips to Land Big Clients, in which we outline thoughts and proposals based on years of experience working in the creative industry and learning about topics such as building online presence, budget negotiation, and how to work with big clients.
As well as tutorials, the Patata School membership offers materials and resources to download. Building these extensive libraries was a challenge in itself, but keeping them organised and easy to understand whilst displaying their size was also a difficult feat. In this instance we decided simplicity was key, as well as consistency in their display.
For us it was essential to have a seamless transition from desktop to mobile. This allows members to access courses from everywhere and even leave their course in one place and pick it up in another.
Interactive features like sliders help our audience understand the value of the resources on offer and see how they enhance images in real life scenarios.
A main feature of Patata School is its Community. We believe that an active and supportive community is key to any learning, especially creative endeavours, as sharing work helps build confidence and lets you learn from others. That's why we have a Community Page at the heart of our school with topics from sharing work to technical questions.
If you want to check out Patata School, and maybe even sign up today, you can do so here.
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